Month: January 2012

Abscessed Teeth

Teeth can become abscessed (infected) when dental decay is left untreated for a long time.  Decay that starts on the hard enamel keeps continues until it enters the nerve or pulp of the tooth can result in an abscess. Abscesses usually appear as a whit pimple in the gums adjacent to the tooth.  Sometimes, the […]

Canker Sores

What are they and how do I get them? [qt: 329 260]


Does it really help my teeth? [qt: 329 260]


[qt: 329 260] What is thumbsucking? Babies have a natural desire to suck. Thumbsucking is a common way babies seem to comfort themselves. Thumbsucking usually begins by 3 months of age. A child usually sucks his thumb when he is tired, bored, sick, or upset or when he is not using his hands to play. […]