Monthly Archives: October 2015

Moderation Is Key

Some of the more frequent questions that parents ask their pediatric dentist concern the foods that are good for their children’s teeth – and those that aren’t. On the top of the list of no-no’s is sugar. While sugar is a source of quick energy, it also fills our kids up so that there is Continue Reading

Stop Gingivitis In Its Tracks

If your teenager is diagnosed with gingivitis he may think that he has some sort of disease and he would be right! Gingivitis is a bacterial infection of the gum tissue and is most commonly caused by plaque buildup. The good news is that at this stage of gum disease a simple change in oral Continue Reading

Interceptive Orthodontics Has Achieved Recognition

The consensus of opinion used to be that orthodontic treatment was best introduced after the permanent teeth had erupted, but in more recent years industry professionals have come to consider interceptive orthodontics as an alternative therapy. Interceptive orthodontics is performed in stages starting when the patient is around the age of seven years instead of Continue Reading