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Dental Sealants Mean Added Protection

Pediatric dental sealants are meant to protect your child’s back molars from tooth decay. They are especially effective for children who are more susceptible because of a genetic history or because their teeth are naturally more porous. The fissures, or pits of the back molars make perfect targets for cavity causing bacteria and the deeper Continue Reading

Prevention Is The Priority

If a cavity is caught in the early stage the damage can often be reversed just by upping the level of a daily regimen for good oral health. Even If treatment is necessary it will be minimally invasive and probably able to be done without the need for a local anesthetic. Children are naturally at Continue Reading

Give Your Child Every Advantage

Researchers hold out hope that one day there will be a vaccine for the prevention of tooth decay, but until that hope becomes a reality pediatric dentists will go on filling cavities and restoring damaged teeth with the technology that is available to them today.  That technology has reached a new height with the introduction Continue Reading

Pediatric Dentistry Takes Aim At Cavities

The role of pediatric dentistry is to guide patients and parents as well, through the childhood years and on to adolescence with a minimal need for restorative procedures. Since tooth decay continues to be the prevalent disease of children in the U.S. cavity prevention is a key target and it starts with the first appointment Continue Reading

Restorations Are A Part Of Pediatric Dentistry

The pulp chamber of the tooth is at its heart. It is where the nerve lies and it nourishes the tooth as it develops. If your child is experiencing a toothache it may mean that decay has infiltrated deep enough so that the pulp is threatened. When this is the case a pulpotomy may be Continue Reading