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A Pediatric Dentist Is Dedicated To Prevention

A general or family dentist provides dental services for every age group. A pediatric dentist on the other hand, devotes his practice solely to the treatment of children. Some fresh from dental school graduates decide to go on to specialize in the field of pediatric dentistry because they have developed a particular interest in the Continue Reading

Specific Care For Braces

Early orthodontic treatment may be recommended if your child’s jaw is misaligned or if there is a problem with the positioning of the dental arches where his teeth are held. Some cases are believed to be more easily treated while the jaw and teeth are still developing, around the ages of 6 or seven years. Continue Reading

“Sugar Free” Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Pediatric dentists and informed parents know that sugar is bad for our children’s teeth. We have to provide a balanced diet however, in order to insure that children get the nutrients that they need to grow and be healthy, which brings us to the dilemma – almost all foods contain some amount of natural sugar Continue Reading

Teething Is A Timely Process

A child’s first set of teeth begins to develop before he is born.  By the time of his birth your child will have a full set of 20 primary or “baby teeth.”  Of course they are still beneath the gum-line and will remain there to develop until they are ready to erupt.  Teething can begin Continue Reading

Enamel Is The Protective Layer

The groundwork for good oral health is laid during the first few years of life.  Studies have shown that babies and toddlers that aren’t exposed to adequate oral care are at higher risk for cavities as they go through childhood and adolescence. The enamel is the protective layer of your child’s teeth that guard against Continue Reading