Does Your Child Really Need His Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth may have worn out their welcome, so to speak. It is widely believed among the experts that this third set of back molars known as wisdom teeth were originally intended to be used for chewing the coarse vegetation and tough meat that was the diet of our ancestors of long ago. The extra teeth relieved some of the stress put on the first and second molars.

Over time mankind and his diet have evolved so that we no longer require the added strength that the third molars provided. Infact they can cause more trouble than they’re worth. Some people never get their wisdom teeth, but many who do have to have them extracted.

If wisdom teeth are going to emerge they will likely do so during the late teens or early twenties but your pediatric dentist will be able to monitor their progress long before that time. He can use x-rays to determine if the teeth are in place and properly aligned and be on the alert for signs of gum disease or the possibility that the teeth may become impacted. In some cases the patient may just not have enough room in his mouth for the extra four molars and if they are allowed to erupt there could be significant damage done to the existing teeth.

Although the problems that may arise with the issue of wisdom teeth are quite commonplace some lucky people have no trouble at all. If the teeth are well aligned and healthy when they erupt there may be no need to consider extracting them.

Your pediatric dentist will be able to evaluate whether or not your child is at risk. If an evaluation indicates a potential issue your dentist may advise the early removal of the wisdom teeth. Having to have the surgery later in life could lead to complications.

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