Sedation Can Make All The Difference

Anxiety is a natural response for most adults when they know they are going to see their dentist. Children may experience some level of that kind stress as well especially if they know that the dentist is going to fix a cavity or perform some other procedure that they think might hurt them. This is known as “positive stress” and the feeling will pass once the reason for it has also passed.

Some children may be more seriously affected by stress than others. If a pediatric dentist knows that this may be the case he will often recommend some form of sedation before a procedure begins. This is a perfectly safe practice. Doses are modified for pediatric purposes and the patients are constantly monitored throughout the treatment.

Nitrous oxide is often referred to as “laughing gas.” The gas is mixed with oxygen and administered to the patient through a mask that he breathes through. It is fast acting so that the patient begins to relax right away. After the procedure the nitrous oxide is turned off and the patient breathes pure oxygen to get rid of any trace of the N20.

Nitrous oxide is a safe and successful method used commonly by pediatric dentists to calm a patient and put him at ease, but it does not eliminate pain. A local anesthetic injection may still be necessary for some procedures but the nitrous oxide will make the patient more receptive to it.

The entire staff of a pediatric dental office is concentrated on the comfort and safety of the patients. If a procedure is expected to require some form of sedation the parents will be alerted to a few dietary precautions. A light meal the night before and no food or drink the day of the procedure will help to eliminate any risk of vomiting. Your dentist’s office will e-mail or call with a complete list of do’s and dont’s.

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