Month: January 2012


[qt: 329 260] What is thumbsucking? Babies have a natural desire to suck. Thumbsucking is a common way babies seem to comfort themselves. Thumbsucking usually begins by 3 months of age. A child usually sucks his thumb when he is tired, bored, sick, or upset or when he is not using his hands to play. […]

What Are Cavities?

Cavities are “holes” that form on the enamel surface of the teeth made by bacteria.  Bacteria living in the mouth feed on the carbohydrates and sugars from foods and drinks and release acid as a by-product.  These acids (plaque) if left on the teeth will start to breakdown the enamel of the tooth.  Once a […]


If a tooth has to be removed for any reason then following a few simple instructions will allow quick healing and will keep pain and discomfort to a minimum. Bite down on guaze and keep good firm pressure to aid in stopping the bleeding. Try to swallow saliva behind the guaze and not let it […]