Month: January 2014

Children’s Dentist Aurora Applauds The Technology Of Air Abrasion

Air abrasion uses aluminum oxide particles to remove tooth decay. It is not appropriate in every case, and is usually used for small to medium cavities, or for removing minimal stains from the surface of the teeth. Since children’s cavities usually involve less invasive treatment, air abrasion is a perfect tool for children’s dentist Aurora. […]

Your Aurora Pediatric Dentist Will Share Helpful Tips

Getting your child ready for a first visit with a new dentist will go a long way in making the time there a more pleasant experience. Your Aurora pediatric dentist has suggestions. Set a good example by making your own dental appointment, and if your dentist will ok it, take your child along with you. […]

An Aurora Pediatric Dentist May Suspect An Eating Disorder

One of the serious side effects of bulimia, or anorexia nervosa can influence dental health. Unfortunately, the disorder often affects young girls. An Aurora pediatric dentist may suspect a diminished flow of saliva, or any increase in the number of cavities that appear, as specific signs of the condition. Teeth may also become discolored. An […]

Kids Dentist Aurora Wants To Eliminate Any Fear Or Dread

There is an alternative to the scary sounding dentist’s drill. Air abrasion is an especially good option for the pediatric dentist. Instead of his patients being anxious about feeling pain, they will instead only experience a stream of rushing air. There is no need for anesthetic with air abrasion, so children won’t have to fear […]