Month: February 2014

An Aurora Pediatric Dentist Has The Advanced Skills Of A Specialist

Some doctoral graduates choose to further their education, and specialize to become a pediatric dentist. Post doctoral programs are set up to indoctrinate, and educate candidates for certification by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. An Aurora pediatric dentist has taken advanced studies, including seminars in speciality education, and has had extended clinical experience. You […]

Your Aurora Kids Dentist Will Want To Treat An Infection ASAP

If you notice an unexplained swelling of his face, your child may be suffering from an abscessed tooth, usually due to an extremely advanced cavity, but sometimes associated with an earlier injury to the tooth’s nerve. Check inside the mouth to see if the gums are inflamed, and if so call your Aurora kids dentist, […]

Your Aurora Pediatric Dentist Can Tell You When To Start Using A Kid Friendly Mouthwash

Your Aurora pediatric dentist will tell you that there are mouthwashes that are specifically made for children. Most mouthwashes contain some alcohol, while the kid friendly ones use other kinds of cleansers. Some mouthwashes can also be used to define the areas that were missed when brushing. The rinse actually coats the particular spots with […]

A Top Pediatric Dentist Aurora Is In Step With The Latest Technology

A cavity is actually an infection, caused by bacteria, the sugar and carbs in the food we eat, and the time we give it to fester. The goal of a top pediatric dentist in Aurora is to defend against cavities forming, or catch them at an early stage, when treatment is easiest. He will strive […]