Month: April 2014

Your Infant Dentist In Aurora Can Suggest Ways To Wean Your Baby Off The Pacifier

A pacifier can be a source of comfort, and satisfaction for your baby. The problem comes when it’s time to break the habit. Professionals agree that after the age of two years, using a pacifier could have a negative impact on proper tooth alignment, and the formation of the shape of the mouth. Your infant […]

A Pediatric Dentist In Aurora Can Deal With An Impacted Wisdom Tooth

The back 4 molars – the wisdom teeth – are the last permanent teeth to come in. If there’s no space left for them, they become impacted within the gum, can be painful, and may cause damage to other teeth. Signs that a tooth is infected may include having swollen gums, a bad taste in […]

A Children’s Dentist In Aurora May Offer An Inclusive Plan

It is expected that the affordable care act will benefit over a million children across the United States. Previously, dental care coverage has not been available under a conventional health care policy, without considerable added expense. Some programs will be set up under a family plan. Parents will have the choice to include dental insurance […]