Food Tips from your Children’s Dental Clinic

children's dental clinic food tips

A children’s dental clinic will be the best place to give you advice on which foods are good and bad for your children’s teeth. Not all food is healthy, and not all food benefit teeth. At the beginning of time, food was plants, fruits, and meat. These days we have extremely unhealthy ingredients in foods, so it is important to know what exactly we are feeding our children. As you could probably guess, dark-colored soda and candy are horrible for all teeth, especially children! As a children’s dental clinic, we want to be able to help parents safely navigate around food so that way, their children can have healthy, beautiful smiles. 



As we had mentioned, dark-colored soda is not good for teeth. There have been multiple studies that showed that soda can rot teeth. The acids that are in sodas end up eating away at the tooth enamel and can cause discoloration, cracks, and cavities. Not only do all colored soda rot teeth, but there have also been links to depression, diabetes, and obesity. Soda also can increase people’s risks of having a heart attack. There are also ingredients like sugar, phosphorus, and epoxy resin (BPA) that can be found in a single can. These ingredients can interfere with your metabolism, lifespan, and even your hormones. 



Most people would think that bread is quite harmless, however, that is not the case. Bread is made up of starches, which is not bad. When you chew bread and start to break it down with the saliva in your mouth, the starch turns into sugars. If you have eaten bread before you understand how the bread turns into a thick paste-like substance in your mouth. The bread tends to get stuck in your teeth, right? When the bread gets stuck and sits in between teeth, it can cause cavities. Not all bread is bad, and if you choose to eat bread, choose a whole wheat option. Whole wheat bread contains fewer sugars than white bread. 


Acidic Fruits

Fruits are a great part of a healthy diet! Not all fruits are great on teeth, though. Fruits tend to contain lots of natural sugars. These sugars are not as harmful as additive sugars found in foods, but they can still do some damage to teeth. There are plenty of fruits that are filled with vitamin C, which is good for you, but these fruits also have high acidic levels. Fruits like grapefruits, oranges, pineapples, and especially lemons, have very high acid content. High acid content can erode enamel and lead to tooth decay. Eating these fruits is still good for your health, but our children’s dental clinic recommends that you and your children eat these fruits in moderation. It would also help to rinse your mouth with water afterword, so the acids do not sit on your teeth. Tooth enamel does not regenerate, so we have to take good care of our teeth. 



Many do not consider ice as food, but it can be eating, and your teeth are needed to do so. Ice is made up of water, so it should be harmless, right? Well, we are here to tell you that ice can be extremely harmful to your teeth. Ice is a tough substance before it starts to meltdown; when you chew on it, it can damage enamel and even cause cosmetic damages. People who have iron deficiencies tend to eat ice in large amounts. If you notice that you or your child cannot help to chew ice, it could be a good idea to be seen by your primary physician to see if you have an iron deficiency. It can save your teeth in the long run. 



Just like bread, chips are loaded with starch. When you are consuming chips and your saliva breaks them down, and they turn into sugars. The paste-like chips are now able to get in between teeth and feed the bacteria in the plaque. People tend to eat more substantial amounts of chips than they do bread, so be cautious about how many chips you consume. Chips are also made with acids during production, which is more harmful than bread. Remember to brush and floss after you eat chips to avoid dental issues. 


As your children’s dental clinic, we hope you found our food tips helpful. Food is, of course, delicious, but we always have to be cautious about what we are putting into our bodies. Remember to have your family brush and floss after snacks and meals. If you have any dental related questions, please feel free to give us a call. If you are ready to make your child their next appointment, you can do so on our Epic Dentistry for Kids website


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