There are many reasons why you’d be looking for the best dentistry for children in Aurora. Here, at Epic Dentistry for Kids, we like to provide our neighbors with the highest level of care possible.

Still, many parents wonder why children should go to the dentist from an early age. After all, isn’t it all the same for adults and kids? It’s just about brushing their teeth, right?

Perhaps, some parents might think that, since baby teeth will eventually fall off, all the effort is just not worth it.

But oh boy. You’d be wrong to think like that.

Join us for a discussion on the reasons why you might want to consult with a pediatric dentist about your child’s dental health.

Common Dental Health Problems in Pediatric Dentistry

While it’s true that primary teeth will eventually fall off to make way for permanent teeth, you’d be hard-pressed to find a dental health specialist who says they’re disposable or unimportant.

Children’s primary teeth are essential for their development, nutrition, speech, and social integration.

Furthermore, primary teeth are more susceptible to bacterial attacks than adult permanent ones.

These are all reasons why we insist on caring for your child’s dental health with professional help. Let’s review some of our young patients’ dental problems and why you should be looking for dentistry for children in Aurora.

Tooth Decay

This should be declared the public enemy number 1 of pediatric dentistry.

We’re not overreacting. Just in the 2015-2016 period, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported a staggering 45.8% prevalence of tooth decay in children aged 2-19.

That’s almost half of all American kids!

The same report dubbed dental decay and caries as the most common chronic disease among youths.

Let’s review why.

Our teeth have an outer layer called enamel. This protects the sensitive inner tissues from trauma and bacterial attacks. Unfortunately, baby teeth have a weaker enamel layer, making the teeth more susceptible to infections.

However, these infections are the result of several things going bad at once. Failing to establish good oral hygiene routines, not teaching a kid how to brush their teeth regularly, and abusing sweets in a child’s diet can create the environment required for severe tooth decay.

As more food particles stay caught between their teeth, the harmful bacteria in their mouths have a literal feast. As they feed on this sugar, they produce harmful acids that erode a child’s enamel.

Next thing you know, there are cavities into the tooth’s soft tissues where the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and spread infections.

You can rely on a pediatric dentist to strengthen your kid’s teeth with preventative treatments and help the child understand the importance of a good oral hygiene routine.

Turner’s Tooth (Enamel Hypoplasia)

Remember how we made a great deal about the role that enamel plays in tooth protection? Well, we’re going to continue on that note.

What happens if your child’s teeth don’t have sufficient enamel?

We’re not talking about the natural difference between primary and permanent teeth. It’s possible some people have a significantly reduced layer of enamel around their teeth. Even around their permanent teeth!

Such a condition receives the name of enamel hypoplasia or Turner’s Tooth.

This condition can result from genetic disorders or environmental factors, such as viral and bacterial infections in expecting mothers.

Regardless of the cause, the result remains the same. A person’s organism fails to produce sufficient enamel, and their teeth remain at an increased risk of developing decay and caries, potentially leading to premature tooth loss.

Diagnosing this condition is a real challenge, but early intervention with a dental health specialist is essential to save your kid’s dental structures. Depending on the severity of your kid’s case, and if you found professional help on time, there will be preventative and cosmetic options your child can get.

There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment, which is why we highly suggest you find dentistry for children in Aurora as soon as possible. You can take a look at this detailed study about the importance of professional treatment for enamel hypoplasia.

Dentistry for Children to Overcome Bad Habits

Pediatric dentistry specialists, such as Dr. Patterson, are uniquely prepared to help younger patients overcome some bad habits related to their dental health.

Children don’t create trusting relationships with dentists very easily. This is where our training in pediatrics comes in extremely handy.

From a psychological perspective, we know how to approach kids to make them excited about and aware of the importance of proper dental care from a young age. Our office receives design overhauls to make the environment more inviting to children, and we can help them correct some behaviors that could harm their teeth.

Get Help From a Professional Pediatric Dentistry Team

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Our team will be thrilled to help you and your kids achieve the healthiest versions possible of their smiles.

You can set an appointment online and give us a visit. Remember, early action will always be the best course of action when it comes to your children’s dental health!