Month: December 2013

Pediatric Dentist Aurora Has Advice For The Early Prevention Of Tooth Decay

When you feed your baby, you often taste his food yourself to let him see how good it tastes. The saliva that that you leave on the spoon will transfer to your baby’s mouth. Sharing silverware means exchanging germs. That is why pediatric dentist Aurora promotes good oral health practices for every family member. Pediatric […]

Childrens Dentist In Aurora Emphasizes The Importance Of Proper Care For Baby Teeth

Besides the fact that they’re saving the place for permanent teeth, without healthy baby teeth you child would find it difficult to chew, or speak comfortably. Dentist 4 Kidz advises that you get ready for the baby teeth by taking proper care of your baby’s gums. Wipe them with a soft cloth, or piece of […]