Month: December 2013

Pediatric Dentist Aurora Prefer Space Maintainers To Implants

When children are concerned, dental implants really aren’t an option. Bone growth is still happening until a child is well into adolescence. If implants are put in place before development is complete, they could change position, and cause serious oral health problems. Instead of implants, pediatric dentist Aurora prefers to use a space maintainer. This […]

An Aurora Pediatric Dentist Recommends A Dental Exam Before Pregnancy

The increased hormone growth that a pregnancy brings on can make teeth and gums even more susceptible to bacteria. To avoid the risk of infection, an Aurora pediatric dentist recommends that a mother to be check in with her dentist throughout the nine months of her pregnancy. Pediatric dentist research reports have shown that there […]

Infant Dentist Aurora Stresses Good Nutrition During Pregnancy

Baby teeth form as your child develops during pregnancy. Good nutritional habits on the part of the mother are essential for the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth. It is just as important for a mother to be to take care of her own oral health. Infant dentist Aurora suggest regular dental visits so […]

Pediatric Dentist Aurora Has Advice For The Early Prevention Of Tooth Decay

When you feed your baby, you often taste his food yourself to let him see how good it tastes. The saliva that that you leave on the spoon will transfer to your baby’s mouth. Sharing silverware means exchanging germs. That is why pediatric dentist Aurora promotes good oral health practices for every family member. Pediatric […]