Dr. Patterson’s dental philosophy centers on creating a dental home where you will feel comfortable and confident that your child’s needs are being met.

At Epic Dentistry for Kids, many of us have children of our own, so we face the same concerns and experience the same anxiety as that of our patients and parents.  Dr. Patterson and the staff will go that extra mile to ensure that when your child leaves here he or she will remember it as being a positive experience.  With each visit, we take the time to discuss in a fun way the importance of good oral health care and how it can help your child to have healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Here are just a few things that set up apart from the rest:

  • Your child will see the same doctor each visit so we can work on building a solid relationship.
  • We use low-dose digital X-rays so your child receives the lowest amount of radiation.
  • We provide tooth colored sealants and fillings.
  • We use the WAND to numb patients so they do not develop a fear of large needles.
  • Parents are welcome to be with children in the treatment area at all times.
  • We offer a TV above every chair to keep little minds occupied.
  • We have an engaging play area with movies, games and videos.
  • We work with most insurance plans.
  • Our claims are electronically filed.
  • Patients without insurance receive a special discount program.
  • We provide same-day emergency visits.
  • We try to perform same day dentistry if a small filling is needed so the parents do not have to take time off work to come back another day.
  • We have block time at Children’s Hospital for more extensive cases.

As a children’s dentist in Aurora, we understand that dental appointments and procedures can be expensive when raising children.  We would like to make it easier for you by working with your dental insurance so that you can visit our office without concerns.  We understand that paying out of pocket is not always ideal and can be prevented.  By going through your dental insurance company the cost may be covered. We will estimate the insurance portion of the payment at the conclusion of your visit and we will bill them for you.  These estimates will help to ensure there are no surprises at the end of your visit.

You will be responsible for any portion not covered by insurance at the time of your visit. Luckily, with insurance, this price should be reduced from the original price.