Fluoride Treatment Aurora, CO

A fluoride treatment in Aurora is almost synonymous with going to the dentist. You, a relative, or a friend might have described a previous visit to the dentist that finished with a tray filled with a gel they needed to press against their teeth for some time. Dentists all over the country, just like us here at Epic Dentistry for Kids, are professionals who focus on promoting and maintaining good dental health.

One major component of good dental health is maintaining good hygiene. Brushing well your teeth flossing in between them ensures you remove excess particles of food that can promote the growth of harmful bacteria. If left unchecked, these bacteria will attack the outermost layers of your teeth and increase the risk of pulp infection. The enamel surrounding your teeth is the hard mineral layer that protects the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels that keep all your teeth alive.

When you receive a fluoride treatment in Aurora, you are helping the enamel layer of your teeth remain strong against any attacks from harmful bacteria in your mouth. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral you can find in foods like spinach, asparagus, shrimp, and some drinks like black tea and wine. Here in Aurora, the public water supply does not add fluoride. It is very hard to receive a dangerous dose of fluoride from food supply only, and your dentist has received sufficient training to give you just the right amount needed by your teeth.

The reason why a fluoride treatment in Aurora is so important is that it helps strengthen your teeth. We spoke about the enamel surrounding your teeth, and the truth of it is that this layer can be eroded by harmful bacteria. To help it recover its strength, it is important to aid the process of remineralization. Fluoride helps by making it easier for the enamel of your teeth to reabsorb calcium and phosphates that keep it strong.

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Your dentist will apply a high-concentration compound to your teeth as a varnish, gel, or foam, to provide your teeth with a much more effective dose of fluoride. Younger babies can only receive the fluoride as a varnish to keep them from swallowing the compound. Even if they are not lethal, high-concentration doses can lead to discomfort when ingested. Make your next appointment with us to get that highly beneficial fluoride treatment in Aurora. We are always happy to help our patients achieve the healthiest version possible of their smiles.