Dental Restorations Aurora, CO

When we say dental restoration in Aurora, we are employing an umbrella term. Restorative dentistry, or teeth restoration, groups several treatments you can get when visiting your Aurora dentist. When your teeth suffer severe decay or fractures, or when you lose your teeth prematurely, your dentist may recommend one of several treatments considered to be restorative.

There are many reasons why your dentist would recommend you engage in this type of treatment. If you have lost a tooth, the alignment of your other teeth may be at risk as well. Malaligned teeth result in complications to your dental hygiene, plaque buildup, increased risk of periodontal disease and infections, and self-esteem complications stemming from your appearance. Decayed teeth are more susceptible to harmful bacteria, cavities, and ensuing pulp infections that can travel through your organism if they enter your bloodstream.

So yes. Several complications, indeed. Aurora dental restoration helps prevent all that. Your dentist would recommend these procedures beyond the esthetic advantages they provide. A dentist’s chief concern is promoting good oral health, and restorative dentistry can help achieve that purpose. If you need any of these treatments, you can expect some of the following:

Fillings. Did you know these count as restorative dentistry? They should not be something scary to any patient. The process of filling a damaged tooth is quick and painless. Your dentist will have already numbed the area and cleared infected tissue from the tooth to avoid further health complications. The tooth gets filled with an inert material to maintain structural integrity. Your dentist can fill a primary tooth with a material that can be reabsorbed by the body, and that will not impair the growth of a permanent tooth. You can also learn more about the fillings we use following this link.

Bridges. They are more complex and involve installing dental crowns at both ends of the space left by a missing tooth. A false tooth helps cover the open space to keep the teeth from moving and is anchored in place by the other dental crowns.

Dentures. They are a complex replacement prosthetic for teeth and other softer tissues of your mouth. Partial dentures are installed when some of your natural teeth remain. Complete dentures replace all your teeth.

Implants. After a tooth falls off, your dentist may install a metal socket into the bone socket where the tooth is now missing. This socket is traditionally made of titanium, and it gets covered with a crown.

Dental Crowns. A dental crown is used to cover a decayed tooth, or to cover another type of the previously mentioned treatments. Crowns are fixed prosthetic that helps with functionality and esthetics. It may be that your child’s tooth was severely damaged after an accident playing sports or in the playground, or because of cavities. Dental crowns are an excellent type of restorative treatment and you can learn more about how we use dental crowns in our dental restoration in Aurora.

Come visit us, and our team will gladly examine your dental structures to determine if you need a dental restoration in Aurora