Restorations Are A Part Of Pediatric Dentistry

The pulp chamber of the tooth is at its heart. It is where the nerve lies and it nourishes the tooth as it develops. If your child is experiencing a toothache it may mean that decay has infiltrated deep enough so that the pulp is threatened. When this is the case a pulpotomy may be necessary to restore the tooth. It is a very common and most often successful procedure that pediatric dentists perform on a regular basis.

A pulpotomy is just one of many restorative methods that are used to reinforce or rehabilitate a child’s tooth. Pediatric dentistry is focused on the importance of maintaining the primary teeth for the benefit of the future permanent teeth that will erupt to take their place.

If a primary tooth has been affected beyond a certain point your pediatric dentist may recommend crowning the tooth. A stainless steel crown is usually placed on a rear molar that takes most of the pressure from chewing or grinding motions. The metal is extremely durable and will go unnoticed in the back of the mouth.

Children care about their smile just like adults do. Pediatric dental care takes that into consideration and offers composite resin fillings that are made to conform to the color of your child’s natural teeth. Theses fillings are perfect for filling cavities on the front teeth. Ceramic reconstructive crowns are also available.

If a primary tooth is lost to injury or because of decay your pediatric dentist can replace it with a space maintainer. The artificial tooth will reserve the place while the permanent tooth is developing. A space maintainer may be removable or fixed but either type will need to receive the same care that natural teeth do. Your Aurora pediatric dentist and hygienist will discuss any particular measures that should be taken to protect the “new” tooth and what foods to avoid.

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