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Gum Disease Ghosts: How to Get Rid of the Gingivitis That’s Haunting You

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Remember back in October when we first published this blog post? We know you went ahead and adorned your front lawn with pumpkins and cobwebs for the Halloween season! Speaking of Halloween, one of the scariest things to ever enter our home is already lurking about – gum disease and gingivitis in kids. It can […]

How Can Poor Oral Health and Gum Disease Affect the Rest of the Body?

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Our mouth is the door to our bodies’ health, and how much we care for it is crucial to our general wellbeing. Poor oral health can be the cause -for children and adults- of many illnesses. From our immune system to our brain, nothing is completely safe. So, let’s dive into what we can do […]

A Child’s Dentist Recommendations on Fluoride Sources

As a child’s dentist, Dr. Patterson and the team here at Epic Dentistry for Kids focus on managing and treating your kid’s dental development. We have tailored every aspect of our dental office and treatment to be as inviting as possible for younger patients and their particular needs. On the subject of preventing dental health […]

What is a Baby Root Canal?

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Pediatric dentists like Dr. Patterson try their best to help children avoid dental health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic disease among US children, and it causes several dental health problems. One such problem results in the infection of the soft tissue within […]