Month: October 2016

Be Ready At Every Turn

There are dental issues particular to children of every age group. Infants and toddlers are at risk for tooth decay from over exposure to baby formula. Parents should be careful to schedule feeding times and to avoid letting their child fall asleep with a bottle full of formula. Toddlers often become obsessed with “sippy cups.” […]

Working Together Gets Results

Tooth decay is more prevalent than asthma, diabetes or obesity when it comes to chronic childhood diseases. The best way to tackle childhood tooth decay is to prevent it, and in order to do that parents and dental professionals must combine forces. Regular professional care is essential to dental wellness, but a home regimen of […]

Who Is Most At Risk?

Recent studies have discovered that preschool age children are getting more instead of fewer cavities. A similar increase has been noticed among teens and young adults. What makes these two groups so vulnerable? Parents have come to realize that the so called “sports drinks” that have become so popular among the younger set aren’t really […]