Working Together Gets Results

Tooth decay is more prevalent than asthma, diabetes or obesity when it comes to chronic childhood diseases. The best way to tackle childhood tooth decay is to prevent it, and in order to do that parents and dental professionals must combine forces.

Regular professional care is essential to dental wellness, but a home regimen of good oral health habits is just as important. Without it our children are even more vulnerable. Parents can begin by encouraging children to brush and floss every day and in turn a pediatric dental hygienist can provide educational information and offer a one on one instructive to make sure children are using their toothbrush and flossing materials in the most beneficial ways.

Fluoride is a vital tool in the prevention of cavities. It is contained in most modern community water supplies and has become a standard ingredient in the majority of toothpaste brands that you find on the shelves of the dental care aisle of your local drugstore. Parents can ask for recommendations from their pediatric dentist or hygienist as to which toothpastes they have found to be most effective. In-office fluoride treatments are often suggested for children who are at high risk.

Tooth enamel is very resilient but we still have to protect it. Your child’s tooth enamel is thinner than your own making it even more susceptible to erosion. Children should use a soft bristle toothbrush to keep the enamel from being damaged. Dental hygienists routinely provide them in the “goodie bag” that kids get after they have their teeth cleaned. A dental sealant may be applied to the back molars to reduce wear and tear.

Most of the more common dental issues that affect our children can be treated and in some cases reversed with a minimally invasive procedure, but only if the problem is discovered in its earliest stage of development before serious damage has been done. Keep track of scheduled dental appointments with Dr. Patterson at Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora and if a complication should arise call the office @ 720-721-3600 right away.