Month: April 2016

Good Habits Carry Over

The sooner parents start a home program for pediatric oral health, the better. A child who learns the importance of taking good care of his primary teeth will find it easier to adhere to the habits necessary to prevent the more serious consequences that come from a lack of proper care to the permanent teeth. […]

Education Leads To Prevention

By choosing the specialized services of a pediatric dentist you are giving your child the benefit of being treated by a professional whose main goals are to prevent and educate. Prevention begins with the first visit to your pediatric dentist and is carried forward by observing a regimen of regularly scheduled appointments. The early visits […]

A Pediatric Dental Hygienist Can Be Open To Options

If you look at the job description for the title of pediatric dental hygienist you will see that the duties include cleaning teeth, taking x-rays and keeping records, when in actuality the position entails a whole lot more. First and foremost, a dental hygienist who works with children on a daily basis has to have […]