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What Do You Really Know About The Food And Drinks Your Child Consumes?

Food and drinks can make or break your child's dental health

Nutrition is an important factor in the growth and development of your child’s mind and body. Pediatric dentists go so far as to recommend that fruits and vegetables make up half of a child’s daily food intake as part of a regimen for good oral health. On the other hand, sugar in our children’s diet […]

Can I Get a Crown on My Front Teeth?

Dental Crown

There are countless reasons why a child or adult may have a tooth or teeth that they feel uncomfortable about. Sometimes this can be a result of a broken tooth, a treatment that made one or more teeth noticeably different from the rest, or maybe just a few weirdly positioned teeth. Whichever the reason may […]

What is Pericoronitis? How To Treat Pericoronitis?

Causes of Pericoronitis

It might seem that the Doctors at your children’s dental clinic in Aurora are very repetitive when they mention the importance of your child having a good oral hygiene routine. Maybe it’s even a bit overwhelming to hear all the brushing and flossing recommendations repeatedly. Still, at Epic Dentistry For Kids, we promise there is […]

Ask an Aurora Pediatric Dentist: How to Choose the Right Straw for My Kid’s Teeth

Teeth Straws - Epic Dentistry for Kids Aurora, CO

Global warming is a major concern these days, especially for the youth! At Epic Dentistry for Kids, we believe it’s super important for everyone to consider how they can help reduce consumption and preserve the environment. Our Aurora pediatric dentist, Dr. Patterson, encourages all of our patients and their families to look into how they […]