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Pacifiers and Thumb-Sucking? How to Take Care of Baby Teeth

Pacifiers are not necessarily a bad thing for babies, but you should be mindful of their prolonged use.

Dental care starts as soon as the first teeth come out. Hundreds of parents ignore this fact and only introduce their children to oral hygiene and dental care habits when they see yellowish teeth and smell bad breath. And it’s not like your baby’s teeth will suffer lifetime consequences for this, but it’s better to […]

What Are the Common Issues of Dental Health in Children?

Children’s oral health is different in so many aspects from dental healthcare for adults. A child’s denture is still developing and has particular needs, although those tend to be less complex than what we find in adult dentistry. It is paramount for a child to understand and incorporate hygiene habits into their everyday routine. These […]

Teeth Grinding in Kids: Therapeutic Alternatives and Mouth Guards

Over the years, the importance parents give to caring for their children’s teeth from an early age has increased, improving their quality of life in adulthood. For this reason, awareness and monitoring of infants’ habits in their early years are essential for their development. “Supervising children’s habits since their first teeth appear is critical to […]

What Do You Really Know About The Food And Drinks Your Child Consumes?

Nutrition is an important factor in the growth and development of your child’s mind and body. Pediatric dentists go so far as to recommend that fruits and vegetables make up half of a child’s daily food intake as part of a regimen for good oral health. On the other hand, sugar in our children’s diet […]