Month: April 2017

Let Nature Take Its Course

Children will have cavities. Their teeth are just not as resilient as adult teeth and so are more prone to the invasion of the bacteria that causes decay. If the cavity is found early enough and it hasn’t developed below the surface of the tooth it will be easier to treat but if the decay […]

Childhood Anxiety Is Real

If you see that your child is showing signs of anxiety about an impending visit to the dentist, you are not alone. In fact, studies have indicated that childhood dental phobia is quite commonplace. Whether they stem from outside influences or a personal experience there are ways to relieve these feelings of anxiousness that your […]

Try Something Different

If you find it easier to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, why wouldn’t your child? The ADA has determined that both electric and manual toothbrushes do a good job in removing the daily plaque that forms over our teeth. Plaque is what leads to cavities if it is left to build up. Some […]