Month: December 2016

Be Aware Of Suspicious Change

Pediatric Dentist Near Me! Come Check Out Our Office in Aurora Children are just as susceptible to gingivitis as their parents are. This early stage gum disease can be recognized by red, swollen gums that bleed when irritated. Gingivitis can be successfully treated but if it is not diagnosed it can advance to full blown […]

Be A Good Role Model

Parents know that children learn by example and that if a good set of values can be instilled at an early age it will benefit a child throughout his or her lifetime. Staying healthy is at the core of having a long and happy life so parents and educators stress the importance of taking good […]

Remineralization Is Possible

The odds that your child will have more cavities than his friends and classmates increase as the amount of sugar that he consumes does. His eating habits also play a role in the higher risk for cavities. The more often your child eats during the day the more he is exposed to the acid content […]

Resist Marketing Temptations

Statistics tell us that the average child watches between 3 to 4 hours of television a day. And have you been to the movies lately? There are about thirty minutes of advertisement before the previews even start! Television executives and movie production promoters are aware that they have a direct route to the attention of […]