Resist Marketing Temptations

Statistics tell us that the average child watches between 3 to 4 hours of television a day. And have you been to the movies lately? There are about thirty minutes of advertisement before the previews even start! Television executives and movie production promoters are aware that they have a direct route to the attention of their most vulnerable sales targets.

The ads that come before the features at the local multiplex seem to be directly correlated to the genre of the movie being shown. Animated films for instance, are precluded by endorsements of products that are bound to attract the attention of the kids who make up the larger part of the audience – and their parents.

Add in the various forms of social media available to kids today and parents don’t stand much of a chance in their efforts to discourage their children from succumbing to the temptations that the food and drink manufacturers throw at them.

Parents can be just as susceptible to clever marketing practices as their children are, especially if they can be convinced that a product is necessary to the health and welfare of their little ones. Peer pressure is another factor. If little Johnny sees his best friend eating a particular brand of cereal for instance, one that has a “cool” prize inside the box, he’s going to want his mom to buy it too. Parents may think that all kids cereals are pretty much the same, but that is not necessarily the case. Always check the label and pay special attention to the added sugar content.

Studies have observed that children who start eating healthier foods and drinks at an early age will be more likely to stick to the habit. The toddler stage is a great time to introduce healthy snack foods into the diet – you could start by putting water in that sippy cup instead of juice. Apple slices make a great snack and are frequently recommended by pediatric dentists and hygienists.

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