Month: April 2015

More Is Not Always Better When Fluoride Is Concerned

Some say that you can’t get enough of a good thing. This may be true in some cases, but overexposure to fluoride during the time when a child’s permanent teeth are taking shape can lead to a condition known as fluorosis. It appears in various stages of discoloration, pitting or other imperfections on the surface […]

We Should Teach Our Children About Oral Health At An Early Age

Pediatric dentists, and parents alike, agree on the importance of starting our children off on the right path to good oral hygiene, but it is just as important that they learn the right way to practice the habits that will help to achieve that goal. Brushing several times a day, after meals and snacks, is […]

A Pediatric Dentist Is Trained To Recognize What May Be Signs Of An Eating Disorder

Adolescents who have regularly seen a pediatric dentist throughout their childhood years, are more likely to keep the habit of regular dental checkups. These checkups are important in maintaining good oral health, and in some cases, can be life saving. The indication that your teenager may be anorexic, or bulimic may first be suspected by […]

Sugar Is A Cavity’s Best Friend

The natural bacteria in your child’s mouth is just waiting to combine with sugar, and form the glue like substance known as plaque. The plaque that is not washed away by saliva, or with brushing, produces the acid that eats away at the enamel of the teeth, and contributes to the development of cavities. The […]