Month: November 2015

A Pediatric Dentist Will Be Able To Diagnosis A Case Of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can affect adults and children alike. Sensitive teeth are extraordinarily susceptible to pain when they come in contact with a particularly hot or cold element. This could be something that we eat or drink or even when we expose our teeth to extremely cold air. Enamel is the hard surface found on the […]

A Natural Smile Can Be A Healthy Smile As Well

Tooth whitening has become one of, if not the most popular way to improve the look of one’s smile. The phenomenon is not only the preferred cosmetic procedure among adults but it has also caught on among the pre-teen and teenage population. Teenagers wanting to have their teeth whitened before prom is moving up the […]

Why Do Pediatric Dentists Talk So Much About Brushing And Flossing?

Your pediatric dentist may seem adamant about brushing and flossing, and there’s good reason! A cavity begins to develop when plaque is left to collect around the gums and teeth. It isn’t easy to see because it’s colorless, but kids might describe it as “that sticky stuff that makes your teeth feel dirty.” Plaque is […]