Month: December 2015

Make Time For Regular Check Ups

Since the kids are out of school anyway for the winter break it might be an opportune time to schedule an appointment with their pediatric dentist. Regular check ups are important to make sure that everything is progressing as it should whether it concerns the stability of the baby teeth or the positioning of the […]

Pediatric Dentistry Is A Special Field

Pediatricians like to use the phrase, “children are not just smaller adults.” They say this to emphasize that children have needs that are specific to their size and age. This also relates to pediatric dentistry. Let’s look at the differences. Although there may be the rare occasion when a child will need some form of […]

Kids Have The Right Attitude

There could be any number of reasons that you have developed a sense of dread about going to the dentist. Maybe you had a bad experience somewhere along the way, or maybe you’re just one of those people who suffer from dental anxiety. Whatever your fears, you as a parent should realize that your child […]

Make That First Visit A Fun One

Every “first time” can be exciting and a little scary for a child as well as his parent. Going to the dentist is one of those times. If you as the parent know what to expect from that first office visit you are at an advantage and will be able to explain to your child […]