Month: July 2016

Make Your Back To School Appointment Now

Summer is winding down and parents will soon be sending their kids off to begin the new school year.  Part of that ritual will include a back to school visit to the pediatric dentist.  Hopefully, you haven’t let your guard down during the summer vacation and your child has stayed with a diet of healthy […]

Just For The Kids

You know yourself that if your family doctor gave you a diagnosis that you felt merited the attention of a specialist you would agree to, even insist upon a referral.  A pediatric dentist is devoted solely to the care and treatment of children.  He has completed the extra years of education and training that it […]

Encourage A Good Attitude

Children tend to learn by example and even though it may seem like they’re paying little attention to the words and actions of their parents the fact is that they are.  If a parent exhibits an unnatural fear of the dentist for instance, his or her child will naturally pick up on it.   One […]

New And Improved Orthodontics

Things in the world of orthodontics have changed over the last decade.  It used to be that dentists recommended braces only in the most serious of cases.  That may have been partially due to the stigma that went along with wearing them. Kids who wore braces were often subjected to bullying by their peers and […]