Just For The Kids

You know yourself that if your family doctor gave you a diagnosis that you felt merited the attention of a specialist you would agree to, even insist upon a referral.  A pediatric dentist is devoted solely to the care and treatment of children.  He has completed the extra years of education and training that it takes to become established in his field.  So, why not take advantage of theses advanced skills for the benefit of your child’s oral health?

When you begin your search for the right pediatric dentist take a look at his office.  A dentist who caters to children will work to make his office environment appeal specifically to their interests.  If you’re lucky you might find a small corner in the reception room of a family dentist’s office with a kiddie sized table and chairs and some picture books.  A pediatric dentist’s waiting room and inner office will be designed totally for the entertainment and diversion of their patients.  His goal will be to have the children feel so at ease in the setting that they will actually look forward to their appointments.

Scheduling is always an issue for today’s busy families.  What with camp, team sports and the vacations that go along with a typically event filled summer it’s hard to work in the fundamentals.  The staffers who work in a pediatric dental office understand this and will bend over backwards to make appointments that will accommodate a family agenda.

Studies have indicated that younger children are more receptive first thing in the morning instead of after a long day of activity.  Of course after school appointments are preferred by most patients and their parents as well.  Nobody wants to interrupt their weekend plans to keep a Saturday afternoon dental appointment if it can be helped.  Pediatric dentists get it!

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