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How Do I Prepare My Kid for Getting Dental Braces?

Kid’s Braces Treatment

Granted, everyone has a different viewpoint regarding braces, but the truth is that younger generations are far more used to the idea of undergoing orthodontic treatment than we ever were just a few decades ago. Braces are now much more sleek, efficient, and comfortable than ever before, and even though many adults are considering getting […]

Knocking Out Permanent Tooth – What Should I Do if My Child Knocks Out a Permanent Tooth?

What if My Child Knocks Out a Permanent Tooth?

As experts in pediatric dentistry in Aurora, we understand the concern and anxiety that can arise when a child experiences a dental emergency, especially when it involves a permanent tooth. Dental emergencies can be alarming situations for both parents and children and knowing how to respond promptly and appropriately can make a significant difference in […]

What Braces Color Combinations Look Best?

Braces color combinations are not something you should forget about

Many patients fear that they’re making a terrible decision when getting their traditional metal braces on because they will catch everyone’s attention. However, we like to remind our patients that conventional metal braces are the most reliable, durable, and customizable appliance available to fix your smile. These metal braces give you a chance to play […]