Preparing For Your Kid’s Braces Treatment

Kid’s Braces Treatment

Admit it –  there was a point when you were growing up that you actually wanted braces. Everyone else had them! But shortly after finding out that you actually needed them, your mood quickly changed. Your kids are likely going through the same thing.

After all of your child’s baby teeth have been pulled and the permanent teeth have erupted, the pediatric dentist will let you and your child know that it’s time for braces. Most kids are entering their teenage years when they start their braces treatment. Of course, we all know that this time in our life is awkward for many reasons. Everything is changing, and your kids are getting used to it. While getting braces will help them come out of their awkward years with a beautiful, straight set of teeth to show off, the beginning of orthodontic treatment can be rough. Here’s how you can help support your teen as they start the process of braces treatment:

  1. Talk To Them About What to Expect

    Getting braces fitted can sometimes take a while. But it’s comforting to know what is happening, so talk to your child about the procedure. Your orthodontist will likely walk them through the process, but it would help your child to have a parent talk to them about what to expect. There are other options than braces including a variety of braces, Invisalign and other clear aligner options. Fun fact, Invisalign is not the only option for clear aligners, there are many other great option for clear aligners. 

  2. Help Them Modify Their Eating Habits

    Because of the “mild discomfort” that comes with getting braces, your kid will not be able to eat normally for a while. Don’t worry – eventually, they will be back to eating chips all day.
    For now, they will have to choose more braces-friendly foods. These are typically soft foods that are easy to chew or smoothies that can be sipped. You can help them by asking what they would like to eat, and choose the necessary ingredients when your family goes grocery shopping.

  3. Be Extra Patient

    Yes, yes, we know you were patient when you carried them in your belly for nine months. Our mothers always remind us of that too.

    When your kids are starting their braces treatment, they’re most likely experiencing some discomfort. Besides being a normal teenager (read: moody), they are dealing with some pain as they get adjusted to their braces. The brackets might be sharp, or the pressure might be causing their whole mouth to ache. During this time, it can be difficult to get your kids to be compliant, especially when they know they have to avoid certain foods.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is support your kids while they go through this change. For any questions on how you can prepare for your child’s braces treatment, your team of pediatric dentists at Epic Dentistry treating patients in Aurora, Denver, and Centennial is here to help. We also have experts from Omar Orthodontics in Chantilly to help you figure out everything you need to know about braces. In the meantime, be sure to talk to them and keep reminding them that they have a set of perfectly straight teeth to look forward to!