Help Your Child Make Good Choices

Pediatric dentists agree that an unhealthy diet contributes greatly to childhood tooth decay. The acids contained in some of the foods that he eats will attack your child’s tooth enamel and once the enamel is penetrated a cavity is formed. Tooth enamel is also a prime target for sugary foods.

Most healthy foods contain some amount of sugar. That’s why we have to be careful to avoid foods that have added sugar. Fortunately, label requirements are such that parents can be made aware of the contents of the foods and drinks that their children consume.

There are some foods, however, that are well known for their nutritional value. Breakfast is an ideal way to start your kids off with a healthy meal. Whole grain bread and cereals can be perked up by adding a bit of cinnamon or a favorite fruit. Cinnamon, by the way, is a natural enemy of some of the bacteria that is commonly found in the mouth and apples and nuts, can actually neutralize harmful acids. Brushing twice a day is part of a regimen for good oral health. Right after a nutritious breakfast could be a perfect time.

If your child likes to take his lunch to school instead of eating in the cafeteria or from a vending machine you have a certain advantage in that you can make sure he has healthy foods in his backpack. If you include a choice from every food group, you can’t go wrong. Water is the best of all beverages both for healthy teeth and to keep the body hydrated.

For kids with early orthodontic treatment or braces, there are a few more dietary restrictions to consider as well. Chewy, hard, or sticky foods are not ideal for braces. Check out this guide to tooth-healthy foods from Hacienda Pediatric Dentistry, a pediatric dental office in Hacienda Heights, to learn more.

Believe it or not, there are healthy snack foods to be found or you can find a lot of good recipes to make on your own. A peanut butter based dip made with yogurt and a touch of cinnamon is just one example.

At Epic Dentistry for Kids, our Aurora pediatric dentist and staff are dedicated to the prevention of childhood tooth decay and will be happy to address any and all of your parental concerns.