Month: August 2015

Trauma To The Mouth Is Measured In Degrees Of Severity

Just like scrapes and scratches everyday life can result in uneven or chipped teeth at the toddler stage of childhood. This is the time when these youngsters are learning to navigate their world and there are bound to be falls and bumps. It is also quite common for a pediatric dentist to receive a call […]

Air Abrasion Is A Technological Improvement In The Field Of Pediatric Dentistry

One of the newer technologies to come to the forefront of pediatric dentistry is micro air abrasion. It is particularly useful in treating children who have small cavities since the process replaces the need for drilling and is usually able to be done without anesthetic. This opens the door for the dentist to treat more […]

Knowing What To Expect Will Help Put You At Ease

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your first visit with a pediatric dentist there are certain courtesies that you should expect. The office staff has been trained to greet every patient and their parents in a reassuring manner. You will walk into a waiting area that has been designed and furnished with children in mind. There will […]

The Importance of Cavity Prevention Cannot Be Overstated

We all know that cavity prevention is important to the oral and general health of our children. It has been proven that fluoride is a valuable tool in the fight against tooth decay. Fluoride is extracted from the natural element fluorine which is found in rock formations. When fluoride is added to the public water […]