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How to Find the Best Pediatric Dentist Aurora Has Available?

Finding the best pediatric dentist in Aurora requires doing a little digging, but it's not impossible.

Finding a good pediatric dentist in Aurora is a must among the pillars holding kids’ overall health. A pediatric dentistry dental visit examination is so important to protect baby teeth. Primary teeth matter. If Dr. Patterson is sure of one thing, it is the significance of oral health in children and having healthy teeth. Something […]

Pies for Your Thanksgiving in Aurora

Pies for Your Thanksgiving in Aurora

We all love Thanksgiving and look forward to having days off from work and school as well as sharing delicious meals with family and friends that we might not see so often in the year. But what exactly is Thanksgiving? Let’s take a closer look at one of the most loved Holidays. According to the […]

Pediatric Dentist in Aurora CO Talks Health

Pediatric Dentist in Aurora CO

Our fantastic pediatric dentist in Aurora CO wants to discuss health with you! Of course, as a parent, you will already know most of what we talk about in this blog. However, we still want to put the information out for those who may need it. At our Epic Dentistry for Kids office, we practice […]

Kids’ Dental Care in Aurora: Bad Breath Problems

Kids' Dental Care in Aurora

One of the most notorious problems affecting kids’ is bad breath. Bad breath affects people of all ages and from all backgrounds. There are many reasons why people get halitosis, and it is not uncommon for children to have bad breath early in the morning. People who suffer from this issue constantly worry about how […]