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Kids’ Dental Care in Aurora: Bad Breath Problems

Kids' Dental Care in Aurora

One of the most common problems for kids’ dental care in Aurora is bad breath. Bad breath -in fact- affects people of all ages and from all backgrounds. There are many reasons that people get bad breath, and it is not uncommon for children to have bad breath early in the morning. Once your child […]

Calcium Information from Your Pediatric Dentist In Aurora

Calcium pediatric dentist in Aurora

Calcium is a big part of keeping your teeth and bones strong. It is also essential in making sure your body stays healthy too. It is especially necessary for kids, as it helps their teeth develop and their jaw to remain strong and healthy for when all their adult teeth come in. Here is everything […]

Holiday Events in Aurora

Holiday events in Aurora

Tis the season for holiday events and functions with the family in Aurora. It is the middle of December, so the month tends to get a little hectic around this time with all the fun holiday events that are going on. Finding great events to attend can get a bit overwhelming. We want to help […]

Pies for Your Thanksgiving in Aurora

Pies for Your Thanksgiving in Aurora

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours in Aurora! We know everyone loves a good family dinner, but a traditional Thanksgiving spread requires a LOT of time and work to prepare. Between cooking the turkey, mashing the potatoes, and handling all of the other yummy foods your family loves to eat, the whole endeavor can […]