Month: April 2022

Tips From A Pediatric Dentist For Healthier Teeth In Children

Tips for Healthy Teeth

You’re a parent; it’s natural that you want to protect your child from anything that can harm them, or cause them a severe health issue. Sometimes, however, we tend to overlook the importance of oral health by human error, especially in young children. Our thoughts center around “my child is too young” or “going to […]

Gum Disease Ghosts: How to Get Rid of the Gingivitis That’s Haunting You

Pediatric Dentist Aurora

Remember back in October when we first published this blog post? We know you went ahead and adorned your front lawn with pumpkins and cobwebs for the Halloween season! Speaking of Halloween, one of the scariest things to ever enter our home is already lurking about – gum disease and gingivitis in kids. It can […]