Month: September 2016

Getting Ready For The “Tooth Doctor”

Pediatric dentists advise parents to talk to their children about what will happen at the first appointment with the “tooth doctor,” but to keep the words simple and not to go into a lot of detail. Always avoid scary words like “needle,” “medicine,” or “drill.” Say things that will make the child look forward to […]

Teething Is A Natural Progression

Getting his first tooth is a definite milestone in your child’s life, but teething is not always a pleasant process. When primary teeth begin to erupt through the gums it can be painful and since your child is too young to describe his symptoms he may act out his frustration and discomfort in any number […]

Soft Drinks Are Heavy Contributors To The Development Of Cavities

The only thing that soft drinks contribute to the diet are the added calories that they contain. There is no nutritional value in these drinks, they only serve to decrease the appetite so that children are even less inclined to eat the foods that are good for them. The fact is that soft drinks are […]