Teething Is A Natural Progression

Getting his first tooth is a definite milestone in your child’s life, but teething is not always a pleasant process. When primary teeth begin to erupt through the gums it can be painful and since your child is too young to describe his symptoms he may act out his frustration and discomfort in any number of ways.

Typical signs that teething has begun can include fitful sleep, loss of appetite, swollen gums and excessive drooling which can in turn produce a rash on the chin.

Every parent hates to see his or her child in pain. Pediatric dentists have recommendations that can often relieve the symptoms that accompany teething. The feel of a cool cloth against the gums for example, can have a very soothing effect.

Teething rings are designed specifically to use throughout the progress. They come in various textures and are shaped to make it easy for the child to manipulate the ring himself. Some are made so that mom or dad can take an active role as well. A teething ring that has been slightly chilled in the fridge will bring even more relief to your child’s sore gums but a frozen ring can burn young and tender gum tissue. The same holds true for a pacifier.

Some so called “old wive’s tales” do hold some truths, but the one about easing a teething baby’s pain by rubbing whiskey on his gums is not one of them. There are some over the counter medications for the treatment of teething pain but be sure to check with your pediatric dentist in Aurora or your child’s pediatrician before using one. Some of the pain relievers contain Benzocaine, which can cause serious harm if swallowed.

Teething can begin anywhere from of 4 to 7 months of age. Look for the middle bottom teeth to erupt first. Most children are through the process by the age of 2 or 2 ½ years.

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