Month: May 2016

Sugar Plus Bacteria = Acid

Any sugary drink is bad for our teeth. By now that has been established to be fact, yet research shows that close to half of us consume at least one of these drinks per day. Coffee or tea with added sugar can be attributing factors for the adult population but what about the kids? Soda […]

Children Need To Get The Picture

Statistics back up what pediatric dentists have been seeing for some time, that children are getting cavities at too high a rate. The Center for Disease Control, Division of Oral Health has determined that children between the ages of 5 to 11 have the highest percentage of untreated tooth decay. The rate drops for those […]

Making Way For The Permanent Teeth

If the primary set of teeth were just for show we would still do everything possible to maintain them. After all, we wouldn’t want our kids to go around with a gummy smile, but “baby teeth” actually do a lot more. Not only do they allow our children to chew the crisp fruits and vegetables […]

Home Care Is An Important Tool

Prevention is the fundamental word in a discussion with your pediatric dentist about good oral health for your child. The goal is to protect the child from the things that can promote tooth decay and gum disease and it involves having regular checkups, monitoring dietary habits and following a strict regimen for home dental care. […]