Making Way For The Permanent Teeth

If the primary set of teeth were just for show we would still do everything possible to maintain them. After all, we wouldn’t want our kids to go around with a gummy smile, but “baby teeth” actually do a lot more. Not only do they allow our children to chew the crisp fruits and vegetables that are so beneficial to maintaining a healthy diet but without their teeth children would have a hard time communicating with others.

Primary teeth serve many purposes not the least of which is to reserve space for the permanent teeth which will start to come through starting around the time of your child’s seventh or eighth birthday. By then the baby teeth will have started to fall out to make way for their permanent replacements. This anticipated course of events is the ideal but not always the reality.

If a baby tooth is lost because of decay or injury your pediatric dentist can be there to step in and save the day with a space maintainer. This is a custom made device that the dentist will place in the empty space where the lost tooth once was. When installed the “spacer” will act as a buffer and keep the adjacent teeth from drifting out of position and into the area. If teeth begin to realign themselves it could lead to the need for orthodontic therapy.

A space maintainer will require the normal maintenance procedures like brushing and flossing regularly. Just as with any dental appliance care should be taken to keep it free of any food particles. In fact it is best to avoid sticky foods like caramels or bubble gum altogether.

Your child’s space maintainer will remain in position until your children’s dentist dentist in Aurora determines that the permanent tooth is ready to take its rightful place. It is important to schedule regular appointments so that he can monitor the progress.

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