Month: November 2016

Save The Fluoride

Of all the beverages available water is the one that will help to keep your teeth healthy. Parents will be doing their kids a favor by encouraging them to drink more water, starting at an early age. So water is water, right? Not so fast, you have choices to make. Bottled water for instance, has […]

Watch For Symptoms

It is fairly common for children to get into the habit of grinding or clenching their teeth, especially while they’re sleeping. Most will grow out of it, but bruxism should be addressed if it continues after the permanent teeth have come in. If the habit is allowed to go on the grinding action may begin […]

Hypoplasia Can Be Managed With Proper Treatment

Considering how thin the layer of enamel that makes up the outer coating of our teeth is, it may be hard to realize its actual strength. Tooth enamel is the body’s most resistant substance. Unfortunately, some children are predisposed to “hypoplasia” which is the proper term for underdeveloped tooth enamel. It can be caused by […]

Follow The Natural Progression

Losing baby teeth and gaining permanent ones is a natural course of events. Babies start to get their first set of teeth around the age of 6 months and the teeth will keep coming in until all twenty are in place, usually by the child’s third birthday. We want to keep the baby teeth healthy […]