Month: June 2016

Issues Targeting Teens

Going to the dentist was just one of the things your younger child came to expect, just like getting their shots and annual physical checkups but next come the teenage years and the changes in attitude that go along with adolescence.  As children mature their lifestyles develop and dental issues shift. Instead of them eating […]

Some Issues Are Specific To Children

Children can experience the same sorts of oral pain or discomfort that adults do, just on another level and mostly for different reasons. Young teeth haven’t gone through the rigors of daily use over years of time for instance, but when they first start to erupt new teeth can be quite sensitive to the environment. […]

Technology Enables Quality Care

A pediatric dentist will do everything possible to make his patients feel comfortable in the surroundings and assure parents that their children are getting the best in care and exposure to the most innovative dental technology available today. Hopefully your child will have the advantage of regular dental checkups to make sure that any minor […]

Risk And Prevention

Thanks in large part to innovative preventives and ongoing education many childhood diseases once prevalent in the U.S. have been eradicated or at least brought under control. Unfortunately, tooth decay is not one of them. In fact, tooth decay has become the most widespread disease for children, even more rampant than asthma or childhood obesity. […]