Technology Enables Quality Care

A pediatric dentist will do everything possible to make his patients feel comfortable in the surroundings and assure parents that their children are getting the best in care and exposure to the most innovative dental technology available today.

Hopefully your child will have the advantage of regular dental checkups to make sure that any minor problems will be found early enough so that treatment will be relatively simple. Tooth decay is slow in developing and can actually be reversed in the early stage but if it has had time to advance it may result in a cavity which will require a restorative procedure.

Most kids dread the prospect of having to be “numbed up” at the dentist’s office. They fear the pain of the needle and the “funny feeling” that it causes. Pediatric dentists and their assistants are very much aware of this and make every effort to make the experience go smoothly. The major goal is to avoid instilling a permanent anxiety about going to the dentist.

One of the newest trends in dentistry is a computerized anesthetic system that allows the dentist to administer the analgesic to a single tooth without numbing the surrounding gum tissue. There is no waiting time for effects to kick in. Maybe the best news is that the technology eliminates any after effects, including prolonged numbness.

Another popular innovation in the field uses a laser beam to detect a cavity. The technology directs a laser beam over the teeth which picks up the fluorescence that identifies the presence of decay. The dentist can also hear the sounds that the device emits when decay is detected.

Laser detection lessens the need for x-ray technology and increases the capacity for early diagnosis. The heightened use of fluoride and the emphasis placed on oral health education for the prevention of tooth decay has actually strengthened our tooth enamel and made it more difficult to pinpoint a cavity in its earliest phase of development.

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