Some Issues Are Specific To Children

Children can experience the same sorts of oral pain or discomfort that adults do, just on another level and mostly for different reasons. Young teeth haven’t gone through the rigors of daily use over years of time for instance, but when they first start to erupt new teeth can be quite sensitive to the environment. More serious circumstances involving injury or trauma may require a trip to the nearest emergency room, but most childhood dental issues can be dealt with on a less urgent basis.

Teething can begin as early as three month of age and continue through to the age of three years, or when all of the baby teeth have erupted. Parents may notice a change in sleeping patterns, swollen gums and a loss of interest in eating. Gnawing on a cold, wet cloth can relieve the pain of teething. Avoid medications unless your pediatric dentist has prescribed them.

Cavities are most often caused by a lack of proper dental care both at home and professionally, but some children are genetically prone. Unfortunately, by the time a cavity has reached the painful stage it has likely advanced to the point of requiring a dental procedure. If your child develops a sudden sensitivity to hot or cold drinks, or if he complains of a toothache you may use a cool compress and give him an appropriate dose of kid friendly aspirin or Tylenol until you can make a dental appointment. The best thing you can do is to prevent cavities by making sure your child brushes regularly and sees a pediatric dentist every six months.

Gums that bleed from brushing are an early sign of gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease. If a film of plaque stays on the teeth too long it can lead to tooth decay and advanced periodontitis. Again, the best case scenario would be to prevent it from occurring by brushing – and flossing – every day. Plaque will eventually harden into tartar which is much harder to remove and will require professional dental treatment.

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