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Benefits of Having A Confident Smile

Kids often feel nervous about going to the dentist, as the cleaning and care tools can look intimidating and procedures can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable for them. However, it is important to make sure that your child continues to receive regular dental care, as they will appreciate the long term benefits. If they are […]

Waging The War Against Tooth Decay

When a permanent tooth is knocked out an emergency procedure may be necessary, as it is important to place the tooth back in its socket as soon as possible. This is done to keep the tooth’s root from drying out and dying. If you’re dealing with the loss of a primary tooth, however, the plan […]

Give Your Kids A Headstart

One of the most important reasons that children should receive pediatric dental care at an early age is so that they will become accustomed to the environment of the office. Hopefully, they will avoid the fear and anxiety that their parents may have experienced when facing their own first dental procedure. Trying to convince a […]

Water Is Always The Best Choice

There is actually quite a difference between an “energy” drink and a “sports” drink but they do have at least one thing in common, they can both harm your child’s teeth. Sports drinks are formulated to replace the water and minerals that are lost through vigorous exercise. The risk, however, is in the sugar content […]