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Helping To Strengthen Tooth Enamel

You might have heard innumerable times about the importance of good oral hygiene. Even so, it might have happened you forgot to help your child with oral hygiene. Even more, you might be tempted to think skipping brushing and flossing occasionally is not that bad after all. Unluckily, such thinking is erroneous. And although there […]

Where to Find Ice Cream in Aurora

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt in Aurora

You know we’ll never recommend anything that’s definitely dangerous or harmful for your kid’s teeth, but as the season’s change, your child might be in the mood for the best ice cream Aurora has available.  As any responsible pediatric dentist in Aurora will tell you, sugar is definitely not the best choice for your child’s […]

Early dental care 101 by a child’s dentist

We wish we could tell you that we are now in the dental health world because we knew how essential teeth were when we were little, but kids aren’t always aware of the importance of good dental habits. Parents play a vital role in helping children understand why caring for their teeth is so important. […]

Orthodontics and Sleeping Problems

Orthodontics and Sleeping Problems

Besides eating and drinking water, sleeping is one of the most critical functions that humans need to function healthily. A human cannot go without sleep for long periods. Many people try to focus on getting a specific number of hours of sleep. What most do not realize is that it is not the hours you […]