Month: June 2015

Pediatric Dentistry Is Increasingly Adapting The Use Of Lasers

Adults are not the only ones who can benefit from laser dentistry. Pediatric dentists who have introduced the use of lasers into their practice have found it to be a great advantage. Laser dentistry greatly reduces and in most cases completely eliminates the need for local anesthetics in routine dental procedures. This is important for […]

Education Is Key To Improving Our Children’s Dental Health

Cavities continue to be the leader in diseases that affect the population of young people in this country. Parents, caregivers and teachers can help change that statistic by providing our children with the facts about dental health and teaching them how to achieve it. There are a number of online sources to help adults find […]

Your Pediatric Dentist May Restore A Baby Tooth With A Crown

We know that healthy baby teeth make life easier for our children. Besides the primary role of making it possible for children to eat nutritious foods, baby teeth allow children to pronounce words correctly and speak clearly, which in turn will add to their self confidence in school and in social situations. Baby teeth pave […]

Take Care Of Those Baby Teeth And They Will Serve You Well

Even though your child’s baby teeth are temporary and will naturally fall out in order to make way for his permanent teeth, they serve more than one purpose while they are in place. In order for the baby teeth to hold the position for the permanent teeth, they must stay healthy. If we don’t take […]