Pediatric Dentistry Is Increasingly Adapting The Use Of Lasers

Adults are not the only ones who can benefit from laser dentistry. Pediatric dentists who have introduced the use of lasers into their practice have found it to be a great advantage. Laser Dentistry greatly reduces and in most cases completely eliminates the need for local anesthetics in routine dental procedures. This is important for young patients or the disabled who are at risk for injury from unintentionally biting down on the numbed area.

Because of the time involved and the stress on the patients, many dental procedures must be done in phases. Dental professionals regard the teeth as being divided into quadrants – the upper right, lower right, upper left, and lower left. When teeth in more than one quadrant need dental restoration of one kind or another, a pediatric dentist has felt that it would be easier on the patient if the work was done in a timely manner over several appointments. Not only does this tactic take up more of the pediatric dentist’s day-to-day schedule, but it is more expensive for the parents of his patients. Laser treatment is much less invasive and removes the issue of having to administer traditional anesthetics.

When a pediatric dentist can use a laser instead of a traditional dental drill it immediately changes the whole atmosphere in the office. The dreaded whirring sound is gone along with the patient’s anxiety about experiencing any pain. With a laser, a dentist is able to bond a filling compound so securely that the tooth may be completely restored and never need further treatment.

Children can develop a fear of the dentist because of one bad incident or because of something a friend says or even because they sense their own parents’ apprehension about an upcoming dental appointment. Whatever the reason, there can definitely be a psychological side to the dental visit, particularly for young children. But once a child experiences a laser treatment he may no longer fear the dentist. Instead, he can look forward to his next appointment since he will know that a laser procedure will be simple and painless.

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