Month: July 2015

Get Rid Of Daily Plaque To Avoid Tartar Buildup

Plaque is the sticky stuff that we can feel forming on our teeth every day. It is actually a bacterial cavity causing substance that produces when the sugars and starches from the foods we eat combine to make acids. If we don’t brush and floss them away, these destructive acids will invade the tooth enamel […]

Tooth Decay Can Lead To Major Health Issues

The extent of the repercussions from tooth decay can be far ­reaching. Having a cavity will mean that your child will need a filling or possibly a crown, or a veneer. But beyond that, cavities that go untreated can result in even more serious consequences. Infected teeth make it hard for a child to chew […]

Advancement In X-Ray Technology Has Contributed To Pediatric Dentistry

As a parent, you may have some concerns about your child having x-rays taken, even in the dentist’s office. But pediatric dentists agree that their patients benefit from x-rays even more than adults do. If you stop to think about it that is only logical. Children are at higher risk for cavities simply because their […]

Cosmetic Procedures Are Becoming More Relevant To Pediatric Dentistry

An accident can happen to anyone, but children are more prone to some types of accidents than adults are. Running and playing in the yard or on the playground, and riding bikes around the neighborhood can put children at risk for spills or collisions. Results could be a chipped tooth, or a more serious injury […]