Advancement In X-Ray Technology Has Contributed To Pediatric Dentistry

As a parent, you may have some concerns about your child having x-rays taken, even in the dentist’s office. But pediatric dentists agree that their patients benefit from x-rays even more than adults do. If you stop to think about it that is only logical. Children are at higher risk for cavities simply because their teeth are smaller and decay-causing bacteria can get inside and do damage before it can be seen by the naked eye.

Other instances that may call for an x-ray to be taken by your dentist may be to assess an injury to the mouth or to confirm a diagnosis of bone disease. Orthodontists use x-rays regularly when planning a course of action for straightening teeth.

The advantages of using x-ray films as part of a pediatric dentistry examination far outweigh the risks. The concern stems from the fact that x-rays involve radiation which can be harmful in large quantities. Pediatric dentists are prudent about taking x-rays and when necessary the dosage administered is very small. The settings on the x-ray machines used in a pediatric dental office can be adjusted in accordance to the size of each particular patient.

The fact is that without technology, a lot of potential problems are more likely to go undiscovered and become major dental issues. With the invention of digital x-rays and considering the safety measures like lead shields and filters that are used when x-rays are being taken, any danger has been greatly reduced.

Pediatric dentists understand and respect the reluctance of parents to expose their children to any amount of vulnerability. If your child needs to be referred to another dental specialist for any reason whatsoever, your dentist will either send the x-rays on or give them to you to take along. This will eliminate the need for any further exposure.

Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora uses the latest advances in technology available, including digital x-rays. The dentists concentrate their efforts to make sure that patients and parents alike are comfortable and secure in their dental environment.