Tooth Decay Can Lead To Major Health Issues

The extent of the repercussions from tooth decay can be far ­reaching. Having a cavity will mean that your child will need a filling or possibly a crown, or a veneer. But beyond that, cavities that go untreated can result in even more serious consequences. Infected teeth make it hard for a child to chew his food which in turn can lead to malnutrition.

The reality is that tooth decay can be the underlying cause of problems with levels of concentration, poor classroom performance, and failing grades. Diseases such as diabetes and pneumonia have been known to be associated with the bacteria that can be introduced into the bloodstream through an infected tooth. Early pediatric dental care and preventive home practices are the best ways to forestall any of the possible future bad effects of childhood tooth decay. Fortunately tooth decay is relatively preventable if the right oral hygiene habits are established from the start.

Regular at home brushing and flossing should be encouraged ­ children should brush at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. But even with proper brushing and flossing there are those hard to reach places around and between the teeth that only a professional cleaning can get to. That is why it is so important to visit your Aurora pediatric dentist and hygienist on a regular basis.

A pediatric dentist will also be able to determine if your child is a good candidate for fluoride treatments. Topical applications of fluoride should be in addition to the fluoride your child ingests in his water supply. Make sure that your tap water is treated as well as any bottled water you may buy. Fluoride rinses should be used in accordance with product directions.

Don’t hesitate to see a pediatric dentist if you suspect that your child may have a cavity. The earlier you get treatment the better the outcome will be. Epic Dentistry for Kids in Aurora is eager to welcome new patients and their parents. Find your new pediatric dental home, call (720) 721-3600.